Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coming home:

Returning to the US was very much of a shock for me.  I had literally been torn from one culture and jammed into the next, never having planned to return to the US so early.  At that point, however, I think I very much needed my friends and family around me so I could recover.  Because of this, I think after the first few days I was doing fairly well.  What was difficult for me was knowing that the rest of my exchange friends and my host family were still in Senegal, and that I should still have been there with them.  Many times I will think back and wonder what would have been different had I been able to stay longer.  Would I have created more and stronger relationships?  Would I have ended up loving Senegal more than I did?  Would my experience have been more fulfilling?  I try not to dwell on these questions anymore and make the best of what did happen and the time that I did get while I was in Senegal.  I made as much out of the experience as I could while I was there, and I regret none of that!

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