Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Overview of Senegal:

Senegal is located in West Africa right along the coast.  It is about the size of the state of South Dakota.  It is composed of low, rolling plains, desert, foothills in the southeast, and also contains Gambia, which is another country almost making up an enclave of Senegal.  The population is around 11,000,000 and the major languages are French, Wolof, and Pulaar. 94% of the entire population is Muslim.  Their type of government is a republic and their president is Abdoulaye Wade.  The currency in Senegal is the CFA franc.  About 581 CFA francs = $1.  There is a great amount of French influence in Senegal (as they were colonized by the French) and Dakar the capital, is sometimes known as the “Paris of West Africa”.  Senegal is known to be the most successful democratic state in all of Africa. 

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