Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I plan to do with my experience:

I plan to do a whole lot with my experience.  My future has changed to one surrounding human rights violations and international law.  I’ve become much more impassioned about the need for ‘basic’ health care at a global level.  Even though we as Americans might think that health care services are of no importance, just stop and think for a moment all of the people you know that have gone abroad.  Think about the friends they have made while abroad.  Think of the family members of those friends, and even the people they know.  We live in an interconnected world, where health care systems in Senegal actually can affect the lives of those living in the United States.  No one deserves to have bloody, unsanitary needles stuck in their arms or male doctors pressing so hard where the pain is it makes one cry.  No one deserves to be forced to take any medicine or receive any treatment without knowing the purpose.  No one should be forced to strip almost completely naked in front of a male nurse that had been stalking her all day in the name of an ‘examination’ that she needs to have in ‘order to get better’.  No one deserves that: not you, not me, not anyone in Senegal or Sri Lanka or Japan or Russia.  

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